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 Hens’ Night: To Go Out or Not to Go Out? What You Should Consider

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Hens nights are a fun tradition that allows the bride-to-be and her friends to bond before the big day arrives. But there’s one question that always comes up during the early planning stages of any hens night: should you go out… or stay in? If you’re not sure which option is more appealing, then you should consider the following factors that will help you reach your decision.

How Many People Will Attend?

First: how many people are going to this hens night? The more people, the more you will need to take the venue into careful consideration. If you’re planning an event with, say, 5 people, then it will be much easier to have an easy night out compared to inviting 30 people. When dealing with a large group, you will have to take reservations into greater consideration–you might be able to grab a table for 5 with no notice, but you’ll have to call ahead to get space set up for 30 guests. 

What Are Their “Going Out” Personalities Like?

Next, you’ll need to consider the “going out” personalities of the people who will be attending. If everyone but one person is a wallflower who doesn’t like to go wild at clubs, then you probably won’t want a traditional “night out the town.” Other hens party ideas, like painting parties, wine tastings, movie nights, etc, may be more up the alley of a group who doesn’t really like to be “wild.” Also ask whether Male strippers are needed. You can get them here:

Is There Something Special the Bride-to-Be Wants to Do?

You will also need to consider what the bride-to-be wants to do for their big night out. Do they want to go clubbing? Hit a bar? See a show? Would they rather have a quiet night with just a few friends, or do they want to dance the night away at a club? Make sure you talk with the bride-to-be about her expectations and preferences so that you can plan accordingly. If she wants to go out–then go out; if she wants to stay in–then stay in.

Can You Arrange Safe Transportation? 

One of the crucial elements about planning a “night out” hens party is being able to get around safely and promptly. Will you have adequate transportation? Can you rent a vehicle for everyone to drive in–such as a limo or a bus–or will you need to arrange for multiple ride shares? Are there designated drivers, ride shares, or other safe transportation options available once you’ve been drinking? If there’s no possible way to arrange safe transportation, you may want to consider a “night in” where you won’t have to worry about getting from place to place.

Whether you ultimately decide to go out or stay in, make sure you keep the above factors in mind when planning out a hen night.

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